The thermometer and leaderboard currently reflect gifts & pledges from June 1- 30.

Time is almost up and we need your help!

With less than 30 days until the end of the fiscal year, alumni participation is down significantly this year.

Our goal is to reach 40% alumni participation by June 30

In order to get there, we need about 880 more donors. We are asking you, our loyal Class Agents, to help us close this gap.

Please follow the below steps and help us reach our goal during the final days of the fiscal year.

THANK YOU Rhinos for all your help!

Contact your classmates

    • Email, text, and/or call the remaining non-donors in your class. Post on your social media accounts too!

    • Reminder: reach out to your loyal donors first as they are most likely to give again this year! Thank them for their past support and ask them to renew their support this year.

    • Utilize this toolkit with sample scripts and images for your outreach.

    • Remind your classmates that gifts of all sizes make a difference and count towards our participation goal!

Check your progress

    • Use this website to your advantage!

    • Track our overall progress to 40% alumni participation using the thermometer.

    • Below is a leaderboard showing every class, their number of donors, and participation. We will update this site regularly (at least weekly) to make sure the numbers are up to date.

Earn some Taft swag

    • For each decade, all the Class Agents from the class with the highest participation will win a Taft hat and decal. 

    • All the Class Agents in the runner up class in each decade will win a Taft keychain and decal.